Nikita Englund
[email protected]

I'm an front end developer and designer who has continuesly worked with developing good looking, mobile friendly (SEO) search engine optimized websites since 2012. I love changes and helping people and companies reach their full web potential. My main skills:

Vue.js,PHP, Laravel, CSS / SASS, Javascript, Drupal, Wordpress



Supersub is a bettingsite which focus is to bring people togheter over football. Its a project that has been ongoing since 2012. World Cup, European championship and the Olympics is at its focus. The site is built on the Laravel Framework (PHP) with a front end based on Vue.js.



H10 Visby is initialy built as an info site with great SEO (in PHP) for the company H10 Visby. But as the company evolved the customer asked for a E-commerce that delivers the same feeling that the offline store does. The new site is build on Wordpress with at custom tweeked theme and is still very SEO friendly. Visit


H10 Visby

Raise Official

Raise is a swedish music producer and a dear friend. The singles Page Two(In this light) feat Vera Kebbe, Save me, I Got You feat singer Troy Jamz and Find You are all featured on the site with download links. Visit


Raise Official

Ryder Cup Gotland

A community for people entering the Ryder Cup Gotland competition. The site is built with PHP and MYSQL. Visit


Ryder Cup

Wickmans smide

A information website for the Gotland based blacksmith Wickmans smide. Wickmans smide wanted to display their previous work in a nice way and also make it possible for new customers to get offers. The site is built with Wordpress + Divi. Visit


Wickmans smide